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All Star Monster Truck Tour from Lake Erie Speedway – Full Show Day Two

The monsters continue their battle on the tarmac before one of the most enthusiastic crowds to ever gather at the legendary Lake Erie Speedway. See Toxic, Stinger Unleashed, Pretty Wicked, Wrecking Machine, Krazy Train, and Kamikaze in best trick, racing, and freestyle action! All brought to you by Back Channel Productions!

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All Star Monster Truck Tour from Lake Erie Speedway – Full Show Day One

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on pinterest Pinterest Share on reddit Reddit Episode Information The first show in the northeast since the shutdown featuring a stacked lineup of monsters including; Stinger Unleashed, Pretty Wicked, Kamikaze, Wrecking Machine, and Toxic should provide a little carnage and few thrills for the mayhem starved

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Obsession Race Team - Bronco Mini Monster Truck Build Part 1

Obsession Race Team: Bronco Mini-Monster Truck Series Part 1

Rick Swanson has gathered all of his photos and sharing his journey of all the builds he has done to eventually have the monster truck team that is over twenty-five years old. This episode is starting off with his Bronco Series Part One. The first vehicle he every tinkered with that started it all!

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