Video of the Month – November | 2021

Hey monster truck fans, thanks for viewing the Video of the Month! Just like the name implies, I want to share a random neat monster truck video every month. If you have a video that you would like to share, then email us the link!

Video of the Month Episode Information

The International Monster Truck Museum and Hall of Fame hosted a monster truck show at their museum in Butler, Indiana on 9/25/21 and put on a good show!

Monster Truck Lineup: Country Strong (with driver Eric Howe), Nitemare (with driver Andy Hoffman), American Outlaw (with driver Brandon Overmyer),  HotRod Harry (with driver JJ Cook), Reptoid (with driver Sydney Pederson), Miss Over Bored (with driver Deidra Ballard), Over Bored (with driver Jamey Garner), Brutus (with driver Joe Foley), and Avenger (with driver Jim Koehler)

Channel: ECMT Productions | Be sure to like and subscribe to ECMT Productions for more monster truck videos!

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