Summer Smash Monster Truck Show Night 2

Summer Smash Monster Truck Event – Full Show Day Two

Episode Information

After the first night of side by side racing, and axle bending freestyles, the monster trucks are back for the second night of carnage! See monster trucks Avenger, Brutus, Bounty Hunter, Scarlet Bandit, Lone Eagle, Tailgator, Black Stallion, Overkill Evolution, Iron Warrior, and Higher Education in wild monster truck wheelie, racing, and freestyle action.

Plus, legendary monster truck driver Scott Hess took Overkill Evolution for a spin! Check it out here!

Catch all of the action brought to you by Back Channel Productions! Be sure to watch, like, and subscribe for more monster truck, tough truck, and mud racing action on YouTube!

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Back Channel Productions

Back Channel Productions

Back Channel Productions, produced by Nick Davis, covers the world of monster truck and tough truck racing throughout the US. Watch all of the dirt spraying, car crushing action here on Monsters Monthly and on YouTube!

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