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Hey monster truck fans, thanks for viewing the Video of the Month! Just like the name implies, I want to share a random neat monster truck video every month. If you have a video that you would like to share, then email us the link!

Video of the Month Episode Information

Clarke County Ruritan Fairgrounds | Budd Motorsports Last fall, team Bigfoot announced Brandon Budd would be piloting the Bigfoot on his own chassis and the monster truck world went nuts. That arrangement was mostly for the Toughest Monster Truck Tour and since then Brandon has returned to his own identities.

Now, that special arrangement is back with Brandon piloting the Bigfoot identity for his own production! Of course, the Onion Monster Truck Nationals wouldn’t be complete without the Onion Harvester itself, Buckshot, so Steve Thompson was handed the task of driving that identity on the Hurricane Force chassis. “Big Shot” and “Buck Force” are met with a relatively inexperienced remaining field of trucks and a very tight track to perform on, making for an interesting event for many reasons. Enjoy the debut of the Onion Monster Truck Nationals!

Lineup: Storm Damage/CJ Mente, Killer Bee/Joe Jenkins, Walking Tall/Tyler Wind, Buckshot/Steve Thompson, Bigfoot/Brandon Budd

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