The Guys Learn Screen Printing at Top Notch T's

Obsession Race Team: The Guys Learn Screen Printing at Top Notch T’s!

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Eric Swanson and Rudy MDC, usually wrench on the monster trucks, while Rick keeps his Top Notch T’s shop running during the week. But when it was time to re-stock on the Obsessed Wear merchandise, Rick decided it was time for the boys to learn some screen printing.

Who knows, the merchandise that you have now may have been made in this video! So here are a few clips thrown together of their efforts.  They still have a lot to learn, but since this video, they are getting more comfortable with the task.

We thank all of you for your support keeping our Obsessed Wear brand busy, and we are open for custom screen printing as well!

For more information on the Obsession Race Team, be sure to visit them at their website, or on Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, and Facebook! Visit Obsessed Wear and pickup some great horsepower apparel!

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Obsession Racing Team

Obsession Racing Team

Watch and keep up with the Obsession Race Team as they provide great content about the monster truck life. Such as show highlights, behind the scenes at the shows or shop, and even a few glimpses of what we do when we are not working on these trucks!

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