Video of the Month – April | 2022

Hey monster truck fans, thanks for viewing the Video of the Month! Just like the name implies, I want to share a random neat monster truck video every month. If you have a video that you would like to share, then email us the link!

Video of the Month Episode Information

Watch the Hot Wheel Monster Trucks Live from the Albany Civic Center in Albany, Georgia! Seven monster trucks including: Race Ace – Eric Steinberg, Mega Wrex – Ryan Holman, Bone Shaker – Cody Holman, Tiger Shark – Bobby Holman, Bigfoot – Christian Norman, Demo Derby – Josh Holman, and V8 Bomber – Joe Cypher compete in several competitions including: wheelies, donuts, long jump, racing, and freestyle!

Channel: trevor, be sure to like and subscribe to this channel for more great monster truck videos!

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