Live Events Schedule


Live Events Schedule

Looking for monster truck races near you? Find information on upcoming races in the United States and abroad, including dates, ticket prices, and more.

Live Events Schedule Presented By Monsters Monthly

Hey monster truck fans! Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the uncertain nature if events are going to be cancelled or not. I have decided to not add anymore events for the 2020 season to the Live Events Schedule. So, let’s stay healthy and look forward to 2021!

Monsters Monthly Disclaimer

Monsters Monthly is a monster truck events listing and media site. We are not affiliated with any of the promoters or companies that are listed. We also cannot guarantee that the information given is 100% accurate as it can change without notice.

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Send Us an Event! The main focus at Monsters Monthly is to add as many monster truck events that we can find! The only problem is that we can’t find them all! Promoter’s, send us your event and we would be glad to add it to our list. Also, if you don’t have a website, let Monsters Monthly web host your event. Contact Us to find out more or to submit an event!

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Monsters Monthly

Monsters Monthly was launched in 2015 with the focus of providing the most up to date monster truck event listings on the web. Since then, we have gone on to add more media to give fans, old and new, a look into the monster truck industry.
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