First Run of the Toxic 2.0 Monster Truck

First Run of the Toxic 2.0 Monster Truck at The Metal Shop

The first ever TMS Signature Series turn-key monster truck was unveiled at The Metal Shop property in Del Mar, Delaware on November 17, 2020. The evolution of monster truck technology is never ending and this awesome machine is a new piece of the never-ending puzzle of building the perfect machine for the monstrous task. 

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Summer Smash Monster Truck Show Night 2

Summer Smash Monster Truck Event – Full Show Day Two

After the first night of side by side racing, and axle bending freestyles, the monster trucks are back for the second night of carnage! See monster trucks Avenger, Brutus, Bounty Hunter, Scarlet Bandit, Lone Eagle, Tailgator, Black Stallion, Overkill Evolution, Iron Warrior, and Higher Education in wild monster truck wheelie, racing, and freestyle action.

Plus, legendary monster truck driver Scott Hess took Overkill Evolution for a spin!

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Renegade Monster Truck Tour from the Brownstown Speedway - 2020

Renegade Monster Truck Tour 2020 | Week 5 : Brownstown IN

The second half of the Renegade tour takes the mean machines to Hoosier territory for an all out battle. Cory Snyder is undefeated in racing, Zane Rettew is undefeated in best trick… Will anything upset the balance? Find out on this episode of the Renegades Monster Truck Tour, presented by Back Channel Productions.

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