Obsession Race Team - Bronco Mini Monster Truck Build Part 3

Obsession Race Team: Bronco Mini-Monster Truck Series Part 3

Episode Information

Build #3 of Rick Swanson’s Bronco. Now turning it into basically a mini-monster truck. Hope you enjoy these never before seen photos and we look forward to showing you more! 

For more information on the Obsession Race Team, be sure to visit them at their website, or on Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, and Facebook! Visit Obsessed Wear and pickup some great horsepower apparel!

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Obsession Racing Team

Obsession Racing Team

Watch and keep up with the Obsession Race Team as they provide great content about the monster truck life. Such as show highlights, behind the scenes at the shows or shop, and even a few glimpses of what we do when we are not working on these trucks!

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